CSI Referral Program

We are very appreciative of the individuals who have helped grow our business and as a “thank you” we started the CSI Referral Program for our customers. Participating in the program is easy; simply provide us with the contact information for your referral and we’ll do the rest!

Online Referral Form

CSI Referral Program FAQ

How Does It Work?

By filling out a referral form, you can earn up to $200 when your referral becomes our customer.

How Can I Participate in the Referral Program?

By filling out the referral form located on this page or by turning in the form given to you by your local CSI representative.

Who Can I Refer?

You can refer any business in the market for services from our MailSMART, PrintSMART, NetSMART, or FileSMART programs.

Can I Refer More Than One Person?

You can refer more than one person, however you will only be awarded for each referral that becomes a customer.

How Much Can I Recieve For A Single Referral?

You will receive $100 for a referral that turns into a sale less than $5000, and $200 for a referral that turns into a sale more than $5000, in the form of a VISA gift card. (excludes rental equipment)

Join Our Referral Program Today!

At CSI, we want to transform the way businesses work. That’s why when you send us a referral, you are helping your colleagues and clients take one step closer to perfecting their office solutions and becoming more efficient. Helping your referral also helps us and yourself in the process; it’s a win-win-win!